Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leah's first baking project

I've been thinking the last couple of weeks how I really haven't had any stories to tell...and though I should sit down and blog anyway, I just haven't seeemed to make the time to tell you nothing. Well, fortuneately, Miss Leah gave me some material yesterday.

Gary was home with the kids yesterday. He was on a conference call. This leaves the twins somewhat to their own devices, if they aren't making a lot of noise, to draw attention to themselves.

Apparently, Leah decided she wanted to make brownies. We usually do keep a couple of brownie mixes in the cupboard, and Gary makes them fairly regularly. He likes them, the kids like them. Leah often likes to "help". She'll stand on a chair and generally get in the way while Gary adds the ingredients and gets it all into a pan.

On this occasion, Dad was busy, so Miss Aspiring Chef decided to do it herself. (She's three.) She got out the mix, the mixing bowl, the eggs and the oil. Cracked every single egg in the container into the mix, and at least two cups of oil, got it somewhat mixed, and mostly on the counter, then dumped the whole mess into a square glass pan. It must have been at about this point that Gary discovered what she was doing. He took a couple of pictures, which I'll attach. There wasn't a picture of I'm not sure what she looked like. She got in trouble, although I'm just a little bit amazed that she could come up with all the ingredients and utensils. I don't know what she would have done about the oven.

Part of what makes this so funny, is that I did nearly the same thing, only I was at least five, probably six, and I wanted to make them from scratch. (no mixes when we lived in Brasil)---so there was butter and cocoa and sugar and flour involved. I even had the recipe out, though I don't know how much good it did. I don't remember if I got in trouble or not. The mess never made it to the oven, becuase I knew it wasn't working out before that. I just put it in a 9x13 pan and covered it with a towel. (Like mom wasn't going to notice, or something.)