Thursday, February 5, 2009

Windows Vista. They forced me into it.

It seriously made me angry when I wanted to buy a new computer and the only operating system available was Windows Vista. BECAUSE...they quit selling the perfectly good Windows XP, to force people to buy their new product. NOW, I know next to nothing about marketing computers and software, but as a human being buying a computer, it ticked me off. Now I have issues with compatability with my programs, with new programs, with old stuff, and I have to make all that work, in addition to getting used to a new look and feel, when the old one was still perfectly fine. (and sometimes, yes, I have issues with change, but not always. I actually like new gadgets and things.)

But THIS, is the final straw. I have no sound on my laptop. Why, you ask? Why? Because I plugged in a headset to use for a webinar. What, you say? Why would that kill the sound on my laptop? Well. I wish I could tell you. Heck, I wish Microsoft could tell you. They call it a known problem. That tells me that they know their rotten program, that they forced me to buy in the first place has an issue. AND, they haven't bothered to fix it (Gary said I could pay for something...PAY for a defect in the product???) and when it shall be fixed is unknown. I am angry. and I want it fixed. now.