Monday, July 28, 2008

Just today.

Well, it's Monday morning. Most everyone (except Gary, who is already at work) is still asleep, and I'm trying to catch up on my email before they wake up. There will be no sitting at the computer after they are awake. I found several old classmates on Facebook. - or rather, they found me. Apparently I need to find more time to catch up with stuff on the computer so that I can talk to them. Seems lately all I can do at night is lapse into unconsciousness as soon as the kids are in bed.

I'm quitting my supervisor job. I'll still work for Hallmark, but I've finally given up trying to keep up with the demands of ten Wal-mart stores. It hurt terribly when Nathan told someone a few months ago that "We can't do that, Mommy will have to go to work." -- since I was going to work just about everytime Gary pulled into the driveway. It's a bit bittersweet. You know how I love being in charge...and yet, being in charge was making me crazy. I can't believe how many irresponsible people are in this area, and how I managed to hire most of them. I'll help the new her back up in a way, which will still keep me busy enough to make a few bucks, but not so crazy busy that I can't take the twins to pre-school.

Can't believe it's also time for school to start so soon. Alex is going to kindergarden. He's he's plenty old enough, but somehow it's going to be harder to put him on the bus than it was Nathan. (I'm sure I'll get used to it, though.-wink.)

AND, glory of twins are actually potty training!!!!!!! And, doing reasonably well. I was beginning to think I really would have the first kids to go to school in diapers, but they really are getting the hang of it. (some of the time at least). I' m just eternally grateful that I will never have to do this task again.

Other than all that, life is normal. We cook, clean, go to church on Sunday, do laundry all week, work, and try to keep it all together. Pretty much the way it is for most people, I guess. I'll put some pictures on after I download them from the camera. vb