Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Say hello to Nathan, Alex, Colin and Leah (that's in order by order in the picture, L to R - Colin, Alex, Nathan and Leah). We all wish you a Merry Christmas, and a joyful (and restful) New Year. Here's hoping that we are all safe and happy, healthy and rested, enjoying our family for Christmas! Much love to all.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm beginning to hate Christmas...

OK, so I work in retail, and I deserve all I get. But it is starting to make me crazy when people who PROMISE that they are going to be responsible, and show up to work....don't. For three days in a row! Then, I hear about it from my boss, because the store called her, and wants to know why the gift wrap wall is COMPLETELY EMPTY? aAAAAAGgh. So I'm blindly trying to work three different stores, all about an hour apart - none staffed sufficiently - at one of the most craziest times of the year, and not doing any of it very well. Another day, another dollar. I'm tired, and I need to sleep, for tomorrow I put in another long day playing with Christmas cards, wrap, bags, and trying not to silently curse all the Wal-Mart managers.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let it Snow...

Well, this is what our driveway looked like this morning. We must have gotten on the order of about 12" of snow overnight and this morning. The plows didn't come around our house until early afternoon. The boys had a grand time helping Dad clean out, but oy, what a mess. Churches all over were cancelled, ours included. The Christmas dinner we were supposed to have at noon was cancelled too, what a bummer. I did end up driving to work this afternoon, and it wasn't all so bad where it's been plowed, but I'm sure there are people who haven't seen a plow yet. Hurrah for snow. (oh yes, that is totally and completely sarcastic.)
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Why three year old twins should NOT sleep in the same room.

Last Tuesday, I put the twins in the same room for naps. Now, this is an aberration from the norm, and let me explain why. A couple of months ago, we separated them, because all they did was play, and never sleep. Fun, but not for us. So, now, the girl twin sleeps in the bedroom with the five year old, and the boy twin sleeps in a bedroom with the nine year old. NOW, we do have another bedroom, but everyone seems much more comfortable if they are sharing. Their choice, not mine. Whatever, the extra room sits empty most of the time, unless I'm sick, or my husband is, then we use it.

At any rate, on Tuesday last, the twins wanted to have nap time in the same room. Rather than fight it, I put them both in the room that Leah usually sleeps in. (with the five year old)---and I go on about my business. Nap time is the only time I can work on the computer without interruption, so I headed for the office. Didn't hear much from them, thougth they went to sleep. My mistake.

Those two little minions proceeded to (very quietly) empty the entire closet in that room. Clothes, shoes, hangars, blankets, everything they could reach...and made a huge pile on the floor. I imagine them jumping in it like leaves, but I don't really know. By the time someone found them, they were fast asleep (in the beds). What a disaster. On the upside, I got the closet looking all spic and span, and the clothes that don't fit anyone any more all packed away. Wasn't on my list of projects for that day, but there you are.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Isn't this dumb?

For the last week, I've been typing my email address wrong into everything. What a pain in the butt to change everything...especially this new blog I created. Think I have everything fixed now. SO....back to normal, I hope. Working today, will have to blog tomorrow. vb

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another beautiful Christmas picture to share. The boys made this advent candle holder/wreath at church this year. They are very proud, and so am I.
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Baby Jesus

I love this picture of the nativity. The candle turned out pretty cool in the picture too. I took the picture for the Journal entry having to do with Christmas decorations. Just thought I'd share. More pictures of the kids and Christmas coming soon. vb
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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Program Disasters

Well, tonight was the church Christmas program. Not a big deal, you might think, unless you have four kids, in different age groups, with completely different things going on...AND, you teach Sunday School, so you are supervising the pageant's angels.

It started ok. The three and five year olds all sang in the same group, and actually did a bang up job. They all sang, and they did all the motions! (VICTORY!) Well, then they are supposed to go sit with their parents. Unfortunately, they wanted to come sit with ME, which wasn't really an option, because I had angel duty. My husband corralled them and took them to the opposite side of the auditorium, where the girl shrieked "I want to go to MOMMMYYY." Until I finally went and got her. (Still haven't taken care of the angels, though). Get her settled on a bench, then try to get up with the angels, she pitches another fit....this time, "CHANGE MY DIAPER!" (and the crowd titters.) So I leave again, still haven't taken care of the angels. Leave the daughter with grandma, go and get the angels through their part of the pageant (which they did GREAT, by the way), and go all the way around to the other side where the three year old son is sitting with dad, in his robe/costume, because he is supposed to be the toddler Jesus. All he is concerned about is the guitar and the piano in the corner. He wants nothing to do with the pageant, and when his time comes, he says (loud and clear) NO, GUITAR. and proceeds to sit down on the floor and cry. I don't think a single person looked me in the eye after it was over. What a fiasco. But I'm holding out for some cute pictures of them singing. Have a good night. I've got to get up tomorrow and work. vb

Saturday, December 8, 2007

A conductor?

Last night we went to a local high school concert, and at the last minute the five year old just cried becuase we had intended to leave him with the three year olds and a sitter. Of course, the wimpy mom gave in, and said, of course you can come! I rather expected to spend the majority of the concert in the lobby, trying to entertain him becuase he was bored with the concert, but I was surprised!

He actually enjoyed it. He asked a lot of questions about the instruments, and the singers and dancers, and especially the conductor. THAT was the job he wanted. Also couldn't understand why the conductor didn't stay in front of the jazz band. He only came in at the end to cut off the final note. That was rather disappointing. So, today, he has a concert, and he will "sing, dance and play drums, and be the conductor." Gotta love it. He's putting on his black snow pants, becuase the conductors wore tuxes last night.

Friday, December 7, 2007


Well, bear with me as I figure out how all this works. I think I have everything set up correctly, and I only had to request my user name and password once. How dumb must I be to get it all set up, and then not be able to get back in. Well, enjoy. I'll see you tomorrow. vb

Day One

Well, the twins are in bed, and I am playing on the computer. It's Picasa (well, Google's) fault for leading me through the program, and to and Now you all can read the mundane, chaotic things that happen in my life.

Sent Nathan off to school this morning with postcards with all our relatives names on's a fundraiser thing. I hate that, but the kid gets so excited, and wants to participate. I never did. So, apologies in advance to all the relatives who get the catalog, and pleas for money. I suppose it is for a good cause.

I've joined this group out of the UK called Journal Your Christmas, and I'm actually doing the writing assignments...I have to do today's yet, and they aren't anything super duty involved, but they are getting done. Now I have to sit down and do the scrapbook pages to go with them. I wish I could hide in my office and scrapbook all the time. That would give my kids therapy for sure.

Speaking of scrapbooking, I'm thinking of buying a little photo printer for Christmas. Anyone have any bright ideas about which one to get? I absolutely HATE to research electronics, because there are way too many options, and way too much information out there. What a pain. I just want someone to know what I need, and tell me what to buy. ha.

Twins are still bumping around up in their bedrooms, think they'll ever go to sleep? Mom needs this break almost more than they do. I should be cleaning, or doing laundry, or thinking about supper, or working for pay, instead I'm typing away. So sue me.

OK, I'll quit now, and set up the rest of the blog page...see you soon, vb