Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm beginning to hate Christmas...

OK, so I work in retail, and I deserve all I get. But it is starting to make me crazy when people who PROMISE that they are going to be responsible, and show up to work....don't. For three days in a row! Then, I hear about it from my boss, because the store called her, and wants to know why the gift wrap wall is COMPLETELY EMPTY? aAAAAAGgh. So I'm blindly trying to work three different stores, all about an hour apart - none staffed sufficiently - at one of the most craziest times of the year, and not doing any of it very well. Another day, another dollar. I'm tired, and I need to sleep, for tomorrow I put in another long day playing with Christmas cards, wrap, bags, and trying not to silently curse all the Wal-Mart managers.

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