Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Program Disasters

Well, tonight was the church Christmas program. Not a big deal, you might think, unless you have four kids, in different age groups, with completely different things going on...AND, you teach Sunday School, so you are supervising the pageant's angels.

It started ok. The three and five year olds all sang in the same group, and actually did a bang up job. They all sang, and they did all the motions! (VICTORY!) Well, then they are supposed to go sit with their parents. Unfortunately, they wanted to come sit with ME, which wasn't really an option, because I had angel duty. My husband corralled them and took them to the opposite side of the auditorium, where the girl shrieked "I want to go to MOMMMYYY." Until I finally went and got her. (Still haven't taken care of the angels, though). Get her settled on a bench, then try to get up with the angels, she pitches another fit....this time, "CHANGE MY DIAPER!" (and the crowd titters.) So I leave again, still haven't taken care of the angels. Leave the daughter with grandma, go and get the angels through their part of the pageant (which they did GREAT, by the way), and go all the way around to the other side where the three year old son is sitting with dad, in his robe/costume, because he is supposed to be the toddler Jesus. All he is concerned about is the guitar and the piano in the corner. He wants nothing to do with the pageant, and when his time comes, he says (loud and clear) NO, GUITAR. and proceeds to sit down on the floor and cry. I don't think a single person looked me in the eye after it was over. What a fiasco. But I'm holding out for some cute pictures of them singing. Have a good night. I've got to get up tomorrow and work. vb

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