Friday, December 7, 2007

Day One

Well, the twins are in bed, and I am playing on the computer. It's Picasa (well, Google's) fault for leading me through the program, and to and Now you all can read the mundane, chaotic things that happen in my life.

Sent Nathan off to school this morning with postcards with all our relatives names on's a fundraiser thing. I hate that, but the kid gets so excited, and wants to participate. I never did. So, apologies in advance to all the relatives who get the catalog, and pleas for money. I suppose it is for a good cause.

I've joined this group out of the UK called Journal Your Christmas, and I'm actually doing the writing assignments...I have to do today's yet, and they aren't anything super duty involved, but they are getting done. Now I have to sit down and do the scrapbook pages to go with them. I wish I could hide in my office and scrapbook all the time. That would give my kids therapy for sure.

Speaking of scrapbooking, I'm thinking of buying a little photo printer for Christmas. Anyone have any bright ideas about which one to get? I absolutely HATE to research electronics, because there are way too many options, and way too much information out there. What a pain. I just want someone to know what I need, and tell me what to buy. ha.

Twins are still bumping around up in their bedrooms, think they'll ever go to sleep? Mom needs this break almost more than they do. I should be cleaning, or doing laundry, or thinking about supper, or working for pay, instead I'm typing away. So sue me.

OK, I'll quit now, and set up the rest of the blog page...see you soon, vb

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