Sunday, December 16, 2007

Why three year old twins should NOT sleep in the same room.

Last Tuesday, I put the twins in the same room for naps. Now, this is an aberration from the norm, and let me explain why. A couple of months ago, we separated them, because all they did was play, and never sleep. Fun, but not for us. So, now, the girl twin sleeps in the bedroom with the five year old, and the boy twin sleeps in a bedroom with the nine year old. NOW, we do have another bedroom, but everyone seems much more comfortable if they are sharing. Their choice, not mine. Whatever, the extra room sits empty most of the time, unless I'm sick, or my husband is, then we use it.

At any rate, on Tuesday last, the twins wanted to have nap time in the same room. Rather than fight it, I put them both in the room that Leah usually sleeps in. (with the five year old)---and I go on about my business. Nap time is the only time I can work on the computer without interruption, so I headed for the office. Didn't hear much from them, thougth they went to sleep. My mistake.

Those two little minions proceeded to (very quietly) empty the entire closet in that room. Clothes, shoes, hangars, blankets, everything they could reach...and made a huge pile on the floor. I imagine them jumping in it like leaves, but I don't really know. By the time someone found them, they were fast asleep (in the beds). What a disaster. On the upside, I got the closet looking all spic and span, and the clothes that don't fit anyone any more all packed away. Wasn't on my list of projects for that day, but there you are.

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