Saturday, December 8, 2007

A conductor?

Last night we went to a local high school concert, and at the last minute the five year old just cried becuase we had intended to leave him with the three year olds and a sitter. Of course, the wimpy mom gave in, and said, of course you can come! I rather expected to spend the majority of the concert in the lobby, trying to entertain him becuase he was bored with the concert, but I was surprised!

He actually enjoyed it. He asked a lot of questions about the instruments, and the singers and dancers, and especially the conductor. THAT was the job he wanted. Also couldn't understand why the conductor didn't stay in front of the jazz band. He only came in at the end to cut off the final note. That was rather disappointing. So, today, he has a concert, and he will "sing, dance and play drums, and be the conductor." Gotta love it. He's putting on his black snow pants, becuase the conductors wore tuxes last night.

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Ron and Vicki said...

Whose concert was it? I wonder if you considered letting Colin go to a concert too? I would love to see his reaction, but I, too, think that a whole concert would be too much.