Saturday, January 19, 2008

Leah's Haircut

The other day - I believe it was Thursday, January 10, I was home with the kids for the day. Colin and Leah were playing at the dining room table with paper, crayons and markers. I got a call from my boss at Hallmark, and went into the office, to get away from the noise. I was on the phone for ... maybe... five minutes. The office is just off the dining room, and I didn't shut the door, or anything, but when I came out the twins were nowhere to be seen. There was, however, paper scattered from the kitchen to the dining room to the living room (kind of all one big room). The thing was, there were these dark little shapes in the paper, that I couldn't figure out. I called for Leah and Colin, but no one answered. I zoom in for a closer look, and those little brown things are tufts of my daughter's hair. Several of them. Two more steps into the living room, and there is another clump on the floor...and in the piano room...and in the foyer...and on the steps to the upstairs in three or four places...

By now, I am screaming for Leah and Colin, and I am just certain that by the time I find them, she will have no hair at all. There is a little pile at the top of the stairs, and more down the hall...
I finally find them hiding in Nathan's closet. The offending kindergarden scissors are still in her hand. She just looks at me. At least she still has some hair. She's cut off one side all over her ear, and then just random chunks of it all over her head. There is literally very little we can do to save this haircut. Her aunt Cindy usually cuts her hair, and came over with cape and scissors in hand to try and fix it. We end up just cutting it real short all around, since it is so ragged.

Gary wanted to know why I didn't throw away the scissors. I'm not sure that would help...there are 56 more pairs of scissors in the, office, scrapbook stuff. She wouldn't have to search to do it all again.

What we haven't determined is if Colin helped her out at all. His hair was not cut...but he also had a pair of scissors...and her's is literally cut ALL over...from front to back, side to side. Leah's USUAL mode of operation is to blame everything that happens on Colin. Often you don't even have to ask when someone makes a mess, she just says, "Colin did it." However, this time, she didn't offer that excuse. And when I asked her about it, she didn't seem real committed to getting him in trouble. I guess I'll never know. I'm sure this will be funny one day. When it is, I'll let you know. Pictures to follow in another post, can't figure out how to add them after I've already typed, and too tired to try. vb

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