Thursday, December 4, 2008

I want to make this happen in my bedroom. Can I do that? How far from perfection can I settle for? OK, well, I want this without the funky pillows, and without the log tables and lamps. The rest is ok. I wonder why it always looks like people don't live here. Where is the alarm clock? The magazine(s) they were reading before they went to bed? The clothes that need to be put away? (not to mention washed). Where is the pile of clothes that need to be mended? The toy someone abandoned here? Those things are omnipresent in my bedroom.

On a similar note, what does the perfect Christmas mean? What are your thoughts? I'm not sure what my definition of the perfect Christmas is this year. I'd settle for less stress, less stuff, more time, and an organized life. I'm really struggling with the tug and pull of wanting less stuff to make my existence simpler, and the pack rat in me not able to get rid of anything. (I might need it...I might want it...I don't want to buy it again...look, a good deal!) Where's that Peter Walsh when you really need him? I wonder if his particular brand of psychology has any staying power. If I had time, and money, I'd read his book. Ha. What I really need, is for him to come and live with us for a week.

Well, I need to get something other than this done. Until tomorrow.

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