Tuesday, December 2, 2008

There should be snow at Christmas. And then, it should all go away until the next year. There should be enough snow to make things beautiful. To make it feel like a holiday.To make me want to put on Christmas music, decorate the tree, do some baking, write Christmas cards. It can snow like crazy the week between Christmas and New Year's so the kids can play outside in snow pants and boots, then---it can all go away. Every year in February, I'm convinced we should move to Phoenix.

There's a light lake effect snow drifting down outside my window,and it's accomplishing all the things I think it should. I WANT to do all those things, but instead, I'm going to work.

Good day for sweats, hot chocolate, blanket, good book on the couch. (Have I ever actually DONE that, or is it just a wishful dream?)

Today: Variably cloudy with spotty flurries early, otherwise partly sunny, breezy and cold. High: 33, Wind: SSW 10-20 Tonight: Windy and cold with increasing clouds. Low: 28 Current Temperature: 21 degrees.

The photo for today, the holly bush outside my front door.

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