Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Please, Mr. Postman (AKA the guy that drives over my grass daily)

I really want to send Christmas cards. I love to get Christmas cards. The dimishing number that we receive each year indicates how these things are not mutually exclusive. To be clear, apparently, if you do not send the cards, you do not get the cards.
Last year, I wrote the letter, printed the photo of the kids, assembled and addressed the envelopes, EVEN PUT STAMPS ON SOME OF THEM, but never put them in the mail. (See photo at left of a few of them still hanging around in my office.)Why? I truly have no idea. I'm notorious for a mid January to mid February Christmas letter - someone suggested once I should just send Groundhog Day cards- but seriously, to do it, and not mail it? I can't even explain it now.
So, this year, I wonder even how to start. The world has changed since then. Buying, say---$40 worth of postage ($.42 per stamp) seems like a lot of money. Getting a photo printed (say another $15) plus paper and's not huge in the grand scheme of things, but we are thinking about darn near every dime that goes out.
Should I write a letter? Sign some cards? Not writing a letter would defeat the whole point in my mind. I love reading people's Christmas letters. If I don't see them often, or even if I do, I want to know what they look like, what their kids are doing, and what important stuff is going on with them. Email is free, but only reaches a fraction of the people I'd like to touch. I want to get the mail, so why shouldn't they?
I'll do it, because I want to see that thin stream coming into my house keep coming. I'll probably be two to six weeks late, but I will mail them this year. I will, I promise. Really.
Is this day really almost over? Where did it go? I still have a long list of things to do...did I even cross anything off? New Hire paperwork, check. Meeting with Neil, check. Hmmm. that's it. Well, I did clean off the bookshelves this morning and get a donation ready for the bookstore. ---to be fair, Nathan and Alex got up, and got on the bus on time- breakfast included, I met the bus for Alex, and picked up Nathan at school. Everyone ate some food, and I washed a load of laundry. Oh, and I took a shower and got dressed. So a few things on the done side, though not as much as I'd hoped for. (please note: Gary is out of town, so the part about the boys getting ready for school and on the bus on time is a serious moment of truth at our house when I'm in charge.) I picked up tiny pieces of paper and stickers about a hundred times. I washed the dishes.
Tomorrow I'll start again.
Blog, check.

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